Choir sings with rock band

“It’s one of those lifetime opportunities, especially with Foreigner. It’s just really special," said Benjamin Swart, 12.


Amber Holdt

For the second time this year, SHS choral students were invited to perform with the legendary music group Foreigner.

They took to the stage with the band on August 8 at Riverbend, helping sing the band’s number one hit song “I Want to Know What Love Is.”

“When we were waiting to get on stage, we could see the thousands of people and these rock legends that we were about to perform with.

“It was just so unreal, having an experience like this already in high school,” said Simran Bhola, 11.

This was Foreigner’s 40th anniversary tour.

“I’d have to say that the only reason why I wasn’t really scared is because they were all smiling and cheering. It was something else.

“And when I saw [the band members] on stage, they were just having fun because it’s what they do for a living. It was honestly really inspiring.

“I truly feel blessed to even say, ‘I got to perform with Foreigner,’ which is a huge privilege. I never could have imagined that that would come out of my mouth,” said Benjamin Swart, 12.

The performance with Foreigner came after another opportunity, when a group of choir students performed on stage with award-winning country artist Eric Church in February. They sang backup on Church’s new single, “A Mistress Named Music.”