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The Leaf

Alex Karev
Hello! My name is Alex Karev (yes, like the doctor on Grey's Anatomy) and this is my second year in the journalism program here at Sycamore. I am a sophomore and I highly enjoy this class and find it very valuable for a variety of reasons. Not only has this class developed me as a writer, but I have learned how to advertise effectively and know the importance of building relationships with people as well. I am the co-opinion/editorial chief this year and in doing that, it has taught me how to lead people with a purpose and vigor. I am known to be quite an enthusiastic person and I love to bring the energy any and everywhere that I go! I am a member of the varsity A tennis team, and last year we won the state championship for the third consecutive year in a row!!! Hopefully we can make that four in a row;) I hope to play tennis in college and wish to become a dermatologist in the future! Go aves!!!

Alex Karev , OpEd Chief

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Alex Karev