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Aves Theatre performs two shows at One Act Play Festival


Sophomore Cagla Akcadag and other cast members rehearse Competition Piece. Akcadag plays a crazed judge in the midst of many regular people, who in Check Please- Take Three she plays a normal girl in the middle of many crazy blind date characters. “Thankfully we’re alternating with Anderson in performing our shows, because I don’t think I could switch in between the perspectives of my characters quick enough to perform them one after the other. My parts are so different,” Akcadag said. Photo by: Tori Swart

Tori Swart, Broadcast Editor-in-Chief

The lights come up onstage to a simple set: two chairs, two menus, and a small table. Two actors step forward and take their seats, wearing simple clothing. They exchange greetings, then begin to converse while glancing at their menus.

So begins Check Please- Take Three, one of the shows being performed at the One Act Play Festival. The festival is another opportunity for performing within Aves Theatre, where students perform shorter plays around 30 minutes long.

“With a one act, the focus is on the acting. The technology is very minimal. Also, shorter pieces provide great avenues for comedies. You can do things that are entertaining for everybody,” Aves Theatre director Mr. John Whapham said.

Originally, Indian Hill High School, SHS and Anderson High School were all going to perform. Due to unexpected problems, Indian Hill had to drop out, leaving SHS and Anderson with an opportunity to perform two shows each.

“It’s another opportunity for students to perform, and we’re always looking for ways to have students perform. We’ve only seven school days total to work on the show, but it’s pulling together well,” Whapham said.

Check Please- Take Three was chosen as the piece to be performed by the cast of the fall play The Odyssey, who had just finished production.

“It’s always really weird right after we finish shows because there’s normally a period where we do nothing. So I like this project because it’s a step by step transition, winding down for the next semester,” senior Anya Miller said.

The other show being performed is Competition Piece, a comedy directed by Ms. Sarah Garvey. Any student, in or out of acting classes, could participate, thus the show is predominated by freshman and new actors.

“It’s different working with people outside of the ensemble, especially the newbies. It’s interesting to see how they react to theater people and how they eventually get into the ‘theater spirit,’” sophomore Cagla Akcadag said.

Akcadag is acting in both of the One Act pieces. Having come into acting from doing technical work the year before, she finds herself “diving in head-first,” as she said.

“I love the techs- they’re like my family, but I really like the actors as well. They’re both very different. I think I need a bit of both in my life all the time,” Akcadag said.

Competition Piece has not only provided new experiences for freshmen, but also provided for veterans, like senior Paul Philips.

“I’ve never done a play before. I have always done musicals. Especially because of the nature of this show, it’s a lot more casual and less stressful than what I’ve done in the past,” Philips said.

The One Acts will be performed on Saturday, Dec. 6 at 6:00 pm in the Little Theater.