SLO testing leaves students irritated


Caroline Bruns

Sophomore Cagla Akcadag works hard in class. Many teachers have dedicated time to review for SLO tests. These tests are graded and cause a lot of students extra stress.

Caroline Bruns , Staff Writer

Testing–the most dreaded part of a student’s year. Not only is it tedious, it takes up precious time that could be used for learning. Many students oppose the testing and for good reasons.

“I think that it is a good idea because we can see how we have improved, but I feel like taking it for a grade is pointless,” sophomore Cagla Akcadag said.

These tests are used to see growth and learning, but it is hard to learn due to the constant schedule changes and testing days.

“I think it’s good to test us for improvement reasons, but it’s just another test we have to take. We already take so many, I feel like this is just measuring the same abilities we have been tested on before,” sophomore Rosanna Bartlett said.

Not only do the SLO tests  affect students, they also affect teachers. They lose time for learning and discussion.

“I hate it, because it is pointless and stressful,” freshman Meera Nadather said.

Constant testing is stressful and harmful to the lesson plan as well as students. The question at the end of all this, is testing worth it?