Shooting into spring water polo


Junior Hannah Schwegmann waits for a pass from a fellow team mate. Schwegmann has been a part of Moose water polo’s junior Olympic team in the past. This year, she tried out to be a part and was selected for the Olympic Development program for water polo. Photo by McDaniel’s Photography.

Hannah May, Sports Chief

Moose water polo club begins practices on Mon. March 23. Moose water polo club is a local water polo team that welcomes players of all ages and skill levels.

“I like Moose because it’s water polo and I like water polo,” sophomore Matt Shuetz said.

The team provides high school players with the opportunity to practice water polo in the spring and summer rather than just the fall, when the high school season occurs.

“Moose is really important because it not only keeps me in shape but I also learn more about the game. Moose allows me to play in tournaments in the off season that prepares me for aviator polo,” junior Hannah Kast said.

They have both a boys and a girls team. For the spring season both of the teams will practice at SHS. The boys will be on Mon, Wed and Sun while girls will practice on Tues, Thurs and Sun. The Moose coaches are currently looking for a summer pool to practice in.

The moose coaches are all coaches that come from high schools in the area. SHS coaches Nick Helwig, Jessen Link and Mike Spraul are all moose coaches. As well as former SHS coaches Paul Splitt and Aj Sofio.

Club water polo allows players to play with people from other high schools and get new perspectives on the game from the coaches.

“I’m excited for moose because I get the opportunity to get back in the water doing what I love and I will be playing with people I usually play against during high school season,” freshman Sarah Abraham said.

Another popular club team for high school players in AMDG. For more information on Moose water polo, click here.