Cross country girls share love for the sport


Haley Kennedy

Water is also important. Hydration is key to a healthy and happy body. It allows bad or unneeded substances to leave the body.

Caroline Bruns, Webmaster

Running is something that each girl on the cross country team enjoys. Running is many time used as punishment in other sports, but these girls run as their sport.
Senior Maddie Driscoll said, “Running is something I never thought I would enjoy doing, but here I am running cross country. If you don’t like running this sport isn’t for you.”
The team runs anywhere from one to eight miles at practice each day, which burns a lot of calories. Nutrition is key when it comes to being an athlete. If you have poor nutrients, you will feel bad before, during, and after you work out.
Senior Sarah Thompson said, “I always have a big glass of chocolate milk when I get home from practice. It’s not healthy to drink all the time, but it has the right amount of sugars and fats to be a good supply of energy after a workout and to give back to my body what it just used.”
The coaches make sure to inform the girls about a healthy diet for athletes. In fact, some of the girls went to a seminar at the beginning of the season with a nutritionist so that they could figure out what was and was not beneficial for them to eat.
Freshman Peyton Gilhart said, “I try to be careful about what I eat and what time I eat it. If you eat too close to practice or a meet, you feel awful.”
Overall, not only is nutrition essential, but so is being informed about what is good and bad for you while running. Being informed and conscious about what you fuel yourself with is what makes a good athlete.