Students share opinions on ACE Bell


Allyson Bonhaus

Mr. Frank’s ACE Bell is reading during the assigned time. It is a freshman group of students. Everyone is reading during the bell.

Allyson Bonhaus, Staff Writer

Hundreds of students electronically signed in hope to get rid of daily reading. For fifteen minutes a day all students must sit and read. No electronic books or magazines are allowed.
Freshman Ethan Cohen said, “It is a good idea but we should not be forced to read in the middle of the day. Students should be allowed to do homework and see teachers.”
Some of the names that were used to sign the petition are not real which diminishes the power of the petition.
After viewing the petition, administration still refused to cancel the mandatory reading time. Administration that reading will improve test scores in the future and relieve the stress of students.
Freshman London Brinkman said, “It should be a time to read or get homework done, because some students are busy when they get home. They should have the choice whether to read.”
However, are the students actually reading? How can teachers and administrators keep ACE bell if not everyone is reading during this time?
Brinkman said,“Honestly, not everyone is reading and that is their choice. If I am forced to read I will not want to read. The pushing to get students to read is not going to help, it is just making it more frustrating.”
Cohen said, “How can students relax if we are forced to do something we do not want to do?”
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