Kardashians influence spring fashion


Tribune News Service

FASHION FORWARD. Kim Kardashian-West and husband Kanye West pose at the 2016 Met Gala. Kanye West is a music artist and fashion designer. Kim wears his designs often, giving them more momentum to become a trend. This is especially evident with the clear plastic boots that appeared in one of his Yeezy collections.

Once the holidays are over, many quickly become tired of wearing itchy Christmas sweaters, lugging around bulky jackets, and having to cycle through jeans; to sum, winter fashion loses its charm.

But there is an end in sight for winter fashion woes. Next month is the start of spring, making now the perfect time to begin thinking about spring skirts and short sleeved shirts.

The 2018 spring/summer designer collections are an enchanting place to look for some fresh fashion inspiration.

From vibrant colors to extravagant fringe, designers did not disappoint fashion lovers with exciting outfits. But how original are these looks? What inspired these trends that are inspiring us?

One trend taking over the runway was plastic: plastic shoes, plastic jackets, plastic pants… a lot of plastic. However, it all looks incredibly familiar. That is because Kanye West’s collection showcased plastic boots.

The steamy shoes gained even more popularity after his wife, Kim Kardashian-West, and her sisters were seen in them. But the trend appears impractical.

“The trapped heat from my feet basically turned the booties into shoe-shaped greenhouses – steamy, moist and probably great for growing moss,” said Kelsey Stiegman, a writer for 17 Magazine, who gave plastic boots a try.

If PVC shoes are uncomfortable, what about the clothing articles that the trend evolved into?

It seems like designers could not get enough of the Kardashians this season because biking shorts appeared in collections. Kim is commonly spotted wearing biking shorts and has been wearing them for years.

Would teens actually wear these Kardashian-inspired trends?

“I would never wear plastic clothes because it would be so sticky and uncomfortable. Also, I do not think the bike short trend is cute. It is gross, and I would never wear bike shorts in my life,” said Zoe Goldenberg, 12.

Sophomore Caitlyn Schipper seems to agree.

“I do not think I would ever wear a plastic clothing article because it seems uncomfortable, and I put comfort over clothing. I would not wear biker shorts because they are not my personal taste,” Schipper said.

Runway fashion is known for pushing the boundary, but plastic-like clothing and biker shorts? Maybe designers should not look towards the Kardashians for fashion inspiration.