• Sophomores and juniors start school August 16

  • Freshman and seniors go back to school August 15

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Hey there!
My name is Harsitha Kalaiarasan, and although my name is a mouthful, I promise that my writing is a little more clear-cut, or at least I hope.
I am a sophomore and this is my first year in journalism. I would say my biggest regret in high school so far is not taking this class sooner, as I’m enjoying everyday spent developing my creative energy. I find this class a perfect vehicle for expressing my views and impacting others; whether it be about more weighty topics like politics, or more trivial ones such as fashion and school activities.
Although journalism is extremely endearing, my passion belongs on the tennis court. I play on the Varsity Gold tennis team in a highly competitive position which has helped develop my toughness.
Tennis is a high-pressure individual sport which has taught me to be independent as I recover mentally from excruciating losses, push through difficult matches, and cheer on my teammates regardless of their results. From these intense experiences on the court, I have learned more than I possibly could have predicted when I picked up a racquet at the age of nine.
When I’m not on the court, I spend time reading, doing yoga, running, collaging, and spending time with friends. I’m interested in the Spanish language and hope to someday speak fluently enough to start a career in Spain.
I imagine myself in an industry like medicine, law, or perhaps even journalism(we’ll see) but one involving traveling.
I would best describe myself as someone that sees the possibilities for growth around me and one who wants to mend the many injustices found in our world.
Serena Williams said that “in life you should work on yourself until the day you die.” These words from my lifelong idol keep me constantly motivated for the future.
If you’ve gotten this far on my profile, thanks for reading!

Harsitha Kalaiarasan, Staff Writer

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