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Are you ready to get funky?
Because I am! My name is Jessica Lu. I’m a junior, and this is my second year in the journalism program. Last year, I joined the program as a means to express my thoughts.
As a freshman, I was particularly passionate about the representation of Asian Americans in the media, but frustrated that I had no way to bring attention to the issue. Now, I am still just as passionate about the issue, but I can gladly say I have a voice.
Additionally, as a future voter, journalism also helps me to stay aware of politics and world issues. Behind the scenes of our magazine The Leaf, I was and still am having the ride of my life.
I had to become adept at using a bunch of different technology, but truly the learning of new skills never stops. I am greatly appreciative to our wonderful staff and teacher.
Outside of journalism, I participate in Regional Youth Leadership, Model UN, year-round competitive swimming, piano, and serve in committee for Relay For Life.
A favorite thing of mine includes making other people laugh.
Happy reading!

Jessica Lu, Staff Writer

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