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The Leaf

Hi! My name is Kirsten Thomas, and this is my third and final year on the staff. This year I am a Web Editor, which basically means I am one of the two people that keep the website up and running. We update the website daily and strive to post diverse and well-written articles and information. For many years, shsleaf.org has been a SNO distinguished site, and for the first time, last year was a Pacemaker finalist. I help in other aspects of the journalism world when needed, as I am also the Managing Editor for The Leaf. I oversee the feature, opinion, and sports sections of our news magazine. I enjoy both of our platforms and write for both as well. As far as writing goes, until my sophomore year, I never really enjoyed it. It was my freshman year that I discovered what an outlet writing can be, and once I discovered how to communicate what I could not verbally through writing, I was hooked. I started discovering sides of myself I never knew existed, which lead me to win first place in the Montgomery Women’s Club Writing Contest for three (this year will hopefully make four!) years in a row. Although I spend most of my time working on journalism-related work, I enjoy the activities I am involved in at SHS. As far as clubs and extracurriculars go, this is my second year being Vice President of Model UN, I have been a freshman camp counselor (basically showing freshman around the school, helping them adapt and being a mentor to them) for four years, and I volunteer through Ambassadors Club and National Honors Society. During second bell each day I am a peer mentor to students in the building with special needs. I help the students in their gym class, build relationships with them and enjoy occasional outings with them such as bowling and Adaptive PE field day. I have a passion for individuals with special needs, as I think their voices should be heard just as anyone else's. This can sometimes be challenging considering some special needs individuals are nonverbal, but it is always fun using technology and other resources to help them communicate and let the world hear their voice. After watching the movie “Temple Grandin” in psychology class, I was inspired to share the stories of those who would not normally be shared. I created Autism Awareness Month on our website to bring awareness to those in our community and world touched by Autism, including businesses that strive to incorporate employees of all abilities. Each school day in April a profile was uploaded to our website, featuring a person or business. The community had a great response, and we were able to cover many students and businesses in our area. Looking towards my future, I know the special needs community will always be a part of my life, even if that means strictly volunteering. Outside of school I enjoy attending church and have served for a few years on the leadership team. This summer I went on my first mission trip to Guatemala, and I loved sharing my testimony and Christianity with all of the children there. My eyes were opened to how precious life is, and how we should value each and every day. Further, when I am not at school I spend some of my time working. I have two jobs, one at Jet’s Pizza and the other at Subway, but I also manage to make some time to babysit. In college, I plan on majoring in journalism and may be interested in teaching journalism later down the road. I wish I could tell you I am finishing off my senior year and leaving high school with no regrets, but I have to admit, I have one regret- not joining the journalism program sooner. Joining journalism changed my life- I learned not only what I want to pursue in college and beyond, but I discovered who I truly am. Sharing the stories of others is my passion, and I cannot wait to explore this field for years to come. I am so happy that I joined the staff sophomore year, and I could not imagine high school without it. On that note, feel free to look around and enjoy all of the work we have posted here for you- we have put in a lot of hard work, and we hope you enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by, and come back again soon!

kirsten thomas, Web Editor

Nov 19, 2018
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