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Sydney Weiss
Welcome! I am Sydney Weiss, and I am a senior (woo hoo!).  I have been in journalism throughout all of high school. Year after year, I can not stay away from room 115. I have really enjoyed soaking up everything I possibly can about the various platforms, and I have had a ton of fun along the way. While I have held many positions throughout my four years, I am currently Web Editor and Art and Photo Managing Editor. As Web Editor, I help keep our award-winning website running each and every day. This means I post breaking news, interactive quizzes, infographics, and other content. I do not need to tell you that, seeing as you are on the website right now! As Art and Photo Managing Editor, I am in charge of the design aspects of The Leaf. I designed the style sheet for this year, and I design covers and layouts for each issue.

Although I spend a large chunk of my time in room 115, the rest of it goes to the theatre. I have been in musicals and plays of various genres throughout my time at the high school. My favorite show thus far has been “Into the Woods” where I played Milky White (yes, that’s the cow). This was not one of my most prestigious roles, but I love making people laugh, and this role gave me the perfect outlet to do so. Last year, I had the privilege of producing my self-written comedic play “Table for One.” Through this experience, I learned that I love playwriting.

I studied playwriting and fiction this past summer at Camp Interlochen, and I took an experimental writing course at Brown University through Summer@Brown in 2017. I hope to write and produce full-length plays at some point in the future. Enough about my lofty goals! This is not my resume!

My two favorite foods are sushi and chocolate, although I do prefer to eat them separately. I love to joke with and pull pranks on my friends, which has gone as far as convincing them I do stand-up comedy (I do not). As of now, I am thinking about pursuing law (maybe I lied about being finished with the lofty goals), but I am notoriously indecisive, perhaps because I am passionate about many different topics. Regardless, I know that the skills I have learned in room 115 will follow me wherever I go.

Sydney Weiss, Web Editor

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