Cycling spins into session


Sydney Weiss

Stautberg and Weiss kicked off the first meeting on Feb. 19. They were pleased with the turnout seeing as there were around fifteen people. At the meeting, everyone cycled and discussed possible spiritwear ideas.

Sydney Weiss, Staff Writer

New clubs are created every year by SHS students. One of the newest ones happens to be Cycling for Charity.

Cycling for Charity was created by sophomores Katie Stautberg and Megan McMullen, and freshman Sydney Weiss. The inspiration for the club came when the school received the bike room this year.

The bike room is equipped with around thirty bikes that function as desks as well. The purpose of the room was mainly to allow students an opportunity to move during the day. However, Stautberg, McMullen, and Weiss saw the room as an awesome opportunity to both exercise and donate to charity.

McMullen said, “With the charity miles app you can bike or walk or run for the app to donate money to the charity of your choice.”

It may come as a surprise, but there is no donation of personal money required to pass on money to the desired organization. The charity miles app works as a pedometer to track cycling and donates more cash based upon the amount of exercise. The cyclist does not have to give anything.

Learn more about the charity miles app on their website .

The club meets every other Friday, however the schedule does vary due to conflicts.

Stautberg said “Downloading one app can help you stay in shape and change someone’s life at the same time.”

Along with Friday meetings, the club hopes to expand into a larger program with bike races and spirt wear.

McMullen said, “All you have to do is exercise to make a difference in the world.”