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  • Last day of school, May 15

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How to ace online school

VIRTUAL LEARNING. Being organized for virtual learning. Bullet journaling is an easy, handwritten way to plan your daily and weekly schedules. With multiple distractions easily available and more need for time management as ever, it is important to stay organized while being productive, which can be achieved through a planning system. “I use a planner because it helps me keep track of of my due dates...it is also easier for my brain to comprehend things that way,” said Aliya Omorova, 12.

Bhaavya Jha, Broadcast Editor

September 23, 2020

Although it has only been two weeks since school began, the stress has certainly begun to set in for SHS students. For those in a virtual setting, learning has been especially difficult with the presence of more distractions, so here are some tips to survive online school.   1. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT A lot of u...

Our Notorious R.B.G.

NOTORIOUS R.B.G. On Friday, September 18, 2020, we lost Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second woman to ever be appointed to the United States Supreme Court bench and most recently a pop-culture icon among feminists and liberals alike. Thousands have already come together across the country to honor her memory in vigils and memorials, and yet thousands more are sharing their favorite quotes or memories of the wise woman herself. As we take the time to acknowledge her determination to fight for what she believed in on the Supreme Court and throughout her career, we will also dive into what’s happening next and the political turmoil her open seat has now left behind.

Serene Tarabishi, Copy Editor and Design Editor

September 22, 2020

On Friday, September 18, 2020, America lost one of the most prominent Supreme Court Justices we have ever had. We lost a trailblazer in feminist work for equality, a role model for young women across the country, and a firm moral leader in the Supreme Court during a time of controversy and disquiet....

8 Creative Volunteer Opportunities

VOLUNTEER. As we adapt to our current environment, many traditional volunteer opportunities are unavailable. Whether you’re searching for an activity to occupy your free time or an opportunity to give back in this time of crisis, this list features eight creative volunteer opportunities that you can get involved with right now.

Grace Zhang, Media Director

September 21, 2020

   As we navigate through these uncertain times, many traditional volunteering opportunities have been put on pause; fortunately, there are still an abundance of ways one can contribute back to their communities during this time.  Sew Masks 4 Cincy    Are you a creative and crafty person? ...

Photoshoots fill quarantine time

Charlotte Weiss, Feature Chief

May 21, 2020

   Throughout quarantine, many people on the app TikTok have begun to do at home photoshoots. From bringing a mirror outside to taping flowers to your face, TikTok users have seen it all. Since quarantine, the app TikTok has been used more and more to try and cure adolescents’ boredom through ...

COVID-19 cancelled your summer job—now what?

Senior Paul Whaley, an employee at Jet’s Pizza,  is one of many people who have continued to work during the COVID-19 pandemic at essential businesses. Applying for a job at an essential business is one alternative way for teens who have lost a different job due to the coronavirus to make money. Whaley explained how his job has changed significantly since the pandemic began, since the restaurant has “switched to curbside pickup to minimize contact for everyone...allowed for customers to choose a contactless delivery option, [and] we all have to be wearing masks and gloves.”

Allison McElroy, Trends Chief

May 20, 2020

   Getting a summer job is a common way for high school students to make money in their free time. But what do you do when a summer job is no longer possible? Due to the coronavirus pandemic, 31 percent of surveyed SHS students have already been laid off from their summer jobs, and many more are ...

Celebrating in quarantine

Gaby Pereda, Staff Writer

May 5, 2020

Ad a heading by Gaby...

Taylors win big with humorous parody

FAMILY FUN. During quarantine the Taylors have not let up on their musical endeavors, singing originals and covers as Mason Taylor strums his mandolin, Chris Taylor plucking his guitar in the back. Recently, one of their parody videos, titled “COVID-19” won an online talent competition, the family recieving a $10,000 prize. “We hope we made you smile!” said JJ Taylor, mom to freshman Maxwell Taylor.

Deeya Prakash, Opinion Chief

April 28, 2020

  As far back as he can remember, freshman Maxwell Taylor’s family has always been musically inclined. Whether it be his father’s guitar strumming, his brother’s mandolin tuning, or both of his sisters’ shower singing, Taylor was born and raised in a home that was never quiet. But it was not unt...

Cookies for kindness

Cookies for kindness

Katie Mott, staff writer

April 26, 2020

   In these unprecedented times, we are all searching for sparks of happiness in our day to day lives. However, for those struggling to get by in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, finding these moments of glee can be hard to come by.      Luckily for the Sycamore community, this is where Sycamore ...

Stella finds expression through instagram

EXPRESSION. Darren Stella, a student in the Sycamore TIP House and a writer, has an Instagram account where he posts his poetry. Stella has autism and is mostly nonverbal, but uses writing as a way to express himself.

Allison McElroy, Trends Chief

April 25, 2020

   Darren Stella is a student in the Sycamore TIP House. Stella has autism and is mostly nonverbal, but that does not mean he does not have anything to say; in fact, it is the opposite.     Stella enjoys writing using the Rapid Prompting Method, and for around two years, he has had an Instagram...

Staying Productive during Quarantine 

 STAYING ORGANIZED. During such unpredictable times, it is crucial to still stay on top of your game by maintaining a to-do list and keeping yourself organized. For example, having a place set to work or study keeps your mindset to only work in that area, compared to doing all the work on your bed.

Bhaavya Jha, Broadcast Editor

April 21, 2020

   Back when we still had normal school days, I would wake up at five in the morning. But ever since online classes have begun, I have been waking up at noon. I was frustrated with my sleep cycle because not only was it messing up my circadian rhythm, but also my entire day. So, I decided that eno...

SHS seniors in solidarity

SENIOR SOLIDARITY. To come together under difficult circumstances, two seniors, Lindsey Stevens and Kennedy Archer, decided to compile a senior video. Showcasing the bond of the senior class, the video has spread quickly around social media. With so much uncertainty for senior activities, they hope the video will help the senior class come together despite the challenges they have faced.

Aaditi Lele, Staff Writer

April 18, 2020

   One last performance. One last season. One last game. One last competition. One last goodbye. For the class of 2020, all of these “lasts” hang in the balance of a rocky senior year. In light of the circumstances brought on by Covid-19, celebrating an end to their Sycamore journeys has been diff...

What to know for the NFL draft

With sports no longer taking place as of right now, one thing is for sure—the NFL draft will still happen on April 25th.

Gabby Khodadad, Sports Broadcaster

April 16, 2020

   With the NFL and college seasons still up in the air due to the current crisis, one thing is for sure—the NFL Draft will still happen. The NFL draft is an annual event that allows former college athletes to be recruited into the National Football League (NFL). This year's event was supposed to ta...

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