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The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Leaf

The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Leaf

The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Leaf

Ask a Grown Teacher

Family, gardens, and traveling, learn more about ESOL teacher Mrs. Wyse as she answers questions from her students.


And we’re back up with “Ask a Grown Teacher.” Thank you to Mr. Tilton for participating!


Honored to have Mrs. Bare for the final “Ask a Grown Teacher.” Thank you to all the participants, students who generated questions, and those who watched the videos each week.





Mr. Geyer gives students great summer recommendations. Sorry for the poor audio quality on this video, didn’t realize there was some kind of machine in the background.






Click the video below to hear Mr. Gutekunst’s advice on dating, physics, and not mixing the two.





Mrs. Feist on basketball, how to manage stress, and much more.





Watch the video below for some uplifting, wise words from an administrator who was once a Sycamore student himself.



Principal Doug Mader is an open book in the second installment of “Ask a Grown Administrator.” Get to know him in the video below.




Our upcoming superintendent, Mr. Forsthoefel, pioneers a new segment of the “Ask a Grown Teacher” series, which is titled, “Ask a Grown Administrator.”



Watch the video below for a look at our photography teacher, Mr. Griga, on the other side of the camera.



Thank you Mr. Vega and his seventh bell class for participating.



Ms. Pitts does an excellent job answering the first set of questions from the freshmen class of this series!


French teacher Mrs. Chapman shares dating tips and life advice in this short but sweet video.



Mr. Lothrop answers questions from 4th bell calculus.



Mr. Pottebaum answers questions regarding his hair, or lack thereof, and much more.



Insider interview with Ms. Blackmore– featuring special guest, Mr. Aviator.




Many thanks to Ms. Wolfe and her rambunctious 5th bell class.



Click on the video below to see Mrs. Nimeskern reveal the secret to success in APUSH.

Just kidding. Shame on you for considering watching this video for academic tips instead of out of love and appreciation for our teachers.

To whoever asked the question, “have you ever hit on a complete stranger?” Mrs. Nimeskern was not wearing her glasses during the interview and misread the question, but the answer is no.


WHAT DOES BREEN MEAN?! Watch this video to find out the answer to this and many more pressing questions. Stay tuned next week for Mrs. Nimeskern.


Mrs. Zhang tells all! Questions courtesy of AP Chinese students.


This episode of ‘Ask a Grown Teacher’ brought to you by Mr. Wittman and his fourth bell class. Thank you for participating.


The pilot episode of “Ask a Grown Teacher,” inspired by Rookie Mag’s “Ask a Grown Man/Woman” videos. Thank you to Mr. Gaffigan and his first bell class for their participation!

To supplement his answer to the question concerning teenagers’ obsession with tragedy, Mr. Gaffigan provided this article. Also, upon reflection, here is his real favorite jam song.


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