“Wandavision” Review


Claire Berlier

Five episodes of “Wandavision” have been released on DisneyPlus. This show is full of intrigue and is very intriguing and a new take on a subtle homage to sitcoms through the decades.

     On Jan. 15, 2021, the first two episodes of “Wandavision” premiered on DisneyPlus. Every Friday since then, fans look forward to watching the newest episode. Currently, there are five episodes released, continuing the story of Marvel characters Wanda and Vision (as I bet you figured out through the title).


     Before I continue with my review of the show so far, I feel the need to mention the level of Marvel fan I am because there is quite a spectrum. On the scale of ‘I’ve never seen a single Marvel movie’ to ‘I’ve watched them all 10+ times and I’ve read the comics and I look for Easter Eggs in each movie’, I’m probably pretty close to the middle. This past summer, I binge-watched all the movies and I simply enjoy watching the movies for the sake of watching them, but I am a recent fan and I think that is worth noting. 


     The first three episodes of “Wandavision” feature Wanda and Vision’s life in suburbia taking on an homage to classic sitcoms throughout the decades, from the 50s to the current 80s. As the decades shuffle through, it leaves viewers looking forward to when the sitcom catches up to modern-day, 


      Personally, I was a little bored the first episode and couldn’t help but think “This is it? A sitcom that’s not even that funny about a perfect suburban family that happens to include Wanda and Vision?” I continued watching, however, because I knew with Marvel there had to be something more to it. By episode two and three, I, and the rest of the audience, realize that there is a lot more going on, seen in subtle hints. 


     This show is a case of “trust your audience”. The writers don’t spoon-feed you information. To see all the small hints they drop throughout the show which I believe is vital to loving the show, you have to pay close attention to anything and everything. I appreciate this because it makes the show more intriguing—it is up to me to figure out what is happening and, inevitably, make predictions. 


      It does take time to get into the show. As I mentioned, the first episode fell flat for me. There wasn’t enough intrigue to make me rave about it right off the bat. If you can make it to the next episode, more and more hints are dropped at the real storyline. Finally, episode four is where the audience gets a firm grasp on what we are watching. Not-so-spoiler spoiler: it’s not just a sitcom starring Wanda and Vision. 


      Episode five continues adding more intrigue and conflict to the story. There is still a lot more to come in this nine-episode season. There is not a clear villain yet: I’ve seen a few theories and there are hints but Marvel is known to pull fast-one and they have not explicitly created a villain. Needless to say, I am very intrigued and will definitely continue watching. 


      Overall, I really enjoy the show so far. The first episodes were a little rocky but the show started ramping up and ramping up quickly. The homage to classic sitcoms throughout the decades is not only something interesting and new to watch but also adds tremendous value to the plotline. 


     Another great thing about the show is the fan-involvement. It is so fun to watch one of Marvel’s productions at the same time as the rest of the fans around the world. Seeing the theories people share and figuring out what’s happening in the show collectively makes watching the show even more exciting. 


    “Wandavision”: should you watch it? I say definitely.