Big department store prices to become discount

May 11, 2015



Macy’s is in the process of creating several discount price stores. The stores will be called Macy’s Backstage and will have clothes and other goods marked 20-80 percent off. The stores will be similar to Nordstrom Rack, T.J Maxx, and Marshalls. Photo courtesy of MCT.

Looking to find discount prices for well-known brands and clothes you would wear every day? Look no further than the new Macy’s Backstage, which will be very similar to T.J Maxx or Nordstrom Rack.

Big department store Macy’s is looking to expand its retail shops, this time in the form of an off-price store called Macy’s Backstage. The stores are just in concept now, but will be opening in the New York area soon.

Macy’s has been looking into increasing sales, and have found that off-price stores have shown major increase in profits over the past few years.

“Sure, I would shop there, it is cheaper and it is the same stuff,” said freshman Emma Smith.

They have released the locations of the first stores, which have been stated to be around 30,000 square feet and will possess the qualities and amenities of the average Macy’s found in a mall.

“No, I would not shop there because I like T.J. Maxx better,” said freshman Jasmine Male.

However, the prices will be the major difference marked down 20-80 percent off, it will include women’s, men’s, and children’s clothes and shoes, as well as, home goods, jewelry, and other accessories.

“Macy’s Backstage business will not be driven by promotional events, and Macy’s coupons will not be accepted in the off-price locations,” according to The Cincinnati Enquirer.

It is not determined when and where the next stores will be built, but Macy’s plans to expand this idea of a discount line of stores.

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