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Sophomore Keren Idelman said, “I never want to get too caught up in my own issues. Travelling has made me realize that I want to help those in these situations by volunteering and selecting a career that benefits them. I truly am thankful for what I have.”

World travel changes perspective

Over a lifetime, being stuck in the same town with the same people and the same routine can become dull and unsatisfying for those seeking adventure. To break free from this, people oftentimes travel to other countries for the experience.

When the words ‘me’ and ‘I’ become abundant, the importance of looking outside oneself is increasingly important. Realizing that the way one person lives may not be the way everyone else in the world does is crucial.

Sophomore Keren Idelman said, “Traveling educates people in a way that history and math lessons just do not. Real life experiences help a person grow.”

According to Kaplan International, 66 percent of students who travel abroad receive higher degrees in the future. And, 86 percent agree that travel is a vital part of their education.

Therefore, the rare opportunity to travel as a student must be taken seriously, as they do not come everyday. By travelling, a young person broadens their perspective and learns to live in the moment, valuing experience over materials.

Idelman said, “Whenever I travel to new places, my mind sort of adapts to that environment and I always take mindset with me and apply it to my life at home.”

In future careers, if an employer considers two applicants of the same resume but one has had experience travelling, the employer will usually choose the traveler.

Without hesitation, employers know that travelers will be open-minded and adaptable as well as have excellent teamwork, communication, and planning skills.

They are regarded as experienced individuals because of the exposure travel brings them.

Idelman said, “When I went to Jamaica, the resort was beautiful and all, but the way the people around it were living was not. There was a lot of crime and issues outside of what I am used to seeing.”

Awareness regarding others’ circumstances leads to a better understanding of the world overall. Even if travelling seems impossible, making opportunities of your own will be worth it.

By taking the time to raise money with a job, babysitting, garage sales, etc., going to another country on school break is not as difficult as people believe.

After the money is raised, look for opportunities within the school like the Europe trip, environmental Honduras trip, and the theater New York trip. Through these, it becomes easy to avoid complex planning required for a trip of your own.

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