Lindsey Wong excels at flute

Lindsey Wong, 10,  has played the flute since she was eight years old.

Her mother used to be an opera singer and conductor. Her elder sister is also musically talented and performs on the piano.

Wong performs solos and plays orchestras. To keep herself motivated, she listens to other performers, encouraging her to practice more.

Wong said, “The flute has a beautiful, melodic voice which I love. This makes me want to practice flute as much as I can to make my technique and sound better [and] to be able to reach the most famous flutists’ level.”

In the future, Wong hopes to become a known flutist and perform as a soloist. She also wishes to get into a good orchestra and become a professor at a music conservatory.

Wong has won the Overture Award, Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra (CSYO) Concerto Competition, Louisville Concerto Competition, Central Ohio Flute Association competition, National Flute Association (NFA) competition, and the Music Teacher’s National Association international competition for all categories of music.

She has also sent a recording to New York and won the Alexander and Buono International Flute Competition.spotlight

Wong is in the CSYO and played as a soloist with the Louisville Orchestra.

Wong said, “I play the flute because there are many things in life where I cannot express my feelings, but in flute, I can.”

Wong is taught by Demarre Mcgill in Texas and Amy Porter in Michigan.

Wong is an internationally award-winning flutist and hopes to continue playing the flute in the future.

Music has been a large part of her life due to her mother, and she continues to share that love for music through her flute.