Griffin Miller

The film that goes into a film camera is expensive to buy and have developed. Rather than trying to develop his own pictures, which is a difficult skill to master, Miller prefers to have a professional do it.

Embracing uniqueness

Even though photography is a common art form, Miller does not want his pictures to look like everyone else’s. He always aims to photograph from new angles.

“My favorite part about photography is trying to compose an image in different ways. Every once in a while I’ll go somewhere and see a monument or something that is overly photographed.

“Sometimes I’ll challenge myself to find a new way to compose a picture of it so it doesn’t look like all the other pictures people have,” Miller said.

Photography is not as simple as it may seem. There is more to getting the perfect picture than just pointing the camera and clicking a button.

“Sometimes I’ll see something that I think looks cool at first, but I can’t quite make it look cool with my camera.

“I try different angles and different settings until I get an image that I like that is also unique,” Miller said.

Miller has never entered any sort of contest with his photographs, as it is more of a hobby for him than something he is trying to earn recognition for.

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