ACE bell fostering new connections

May 25, 2017

There are 1,709 students and 140 faculty and staff members at SHS currently, a ration that depicts the issues of building connection within a large school. However, next year, the administration aims to fix those issues.

In addition to getting more students involved with a variety of activities, the administration urges the student body to make a connection with at least one staff member. And vice versa, the staff members should reach out and interact with their students.

The goal is to make SHS feel smaller and more inclusive, where everyone has at least one friendly face to talk to.

“Everybody needs a hero,” said Doug Mader, principal at SHS.

ACE bell is one area in particular that will be getting a face life for next year. To help better relationships within the school, a new system will eb put in place for the 30 minute bell.

Everybody needs a hero

— Doug Mader

First, ACE bell will take the appearance of a study hall, where students will have 30 minutes before or after lunch to read, do homework, or complete projects.

Students will continue to have one day for collaboration with teachers, but in addition, they will have a club day to meet with different groups in which they may be involved.

Both of these days aim to increase collaboration within the school and create a time dedicated to building relationships between students and teachers.

ACE bell teachers will also be focusing more on their students, by paying attention to attendance and by checking in with students one on one each week.

The goal is for ACE bell to become an outlet for establishing relationships, as it is a time in the day when both teachers and students have time to relax from their everyday classes.

The administration wants students to feel comfortable, building relationships enables the school to invoke a new atmosphere of prosperity and ease.

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