Irma brings wave of disaster

Hurricane Irma was one of the most powerful storms to hit Florida in years. It was a Category 5 hurricane with winds above 130 MPH. The storm affected the majority of the state, but was especially bad in southwest Florida.

Martin Loon has a condo in Naples, Florida, where Hurricane Irma has taken over.

“[I was] very worried about all the animals and their well being. What I find interesting is that all the birds travel to the eye of the hurricane where it’s perfectly calm. As the hurricane moves, the birds travel with the eye of the hurricane,” Loon said.

When asked what he is going to do to protect his house from future storms, Loon said “I definitely am going to consider purchasing hurricane shutters to protect our condo!”

Not only was Loon worried about the animals and people in the storm’s path, but also about his possessions in his Florida home.

“I would be devastated if all our South African art work was ruined because it has sentimental value.

“With 175 mph wind speed, all the brand new landscape throughout the complex we live in is completely destroyed. The pool deck of our complex is halfway under water. I pray that our home is in good condition,” Loon said.