ESOL takes vocab to volunteering

October 10, 2017

In hopes of helping those in need, a group of ESOL students expanded their learning in the classroom and applied it to a real world project.

Involved students went to Matthew 25 Ministries (M25) as an extension of their classroom weather vocabulary unit. Through this unit, students were exposed to current event articles about Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Students went to M25 on Sept. 13 for two and a half hours. Volunteers were put to work sorting clothing and shoes.

“We compared the clothes for boxes for adults and children…I feel proud [after volunteering],” said Taras Alfavitskyy, 9.

By taking just a few hours to volunteer, participants were not only able to continue their learning outside of the classroom, but help those affected by the hurricanes.

“We enjoyed it because we could help the people in Texas and Florida,” said Baker Alwaheidi, 10.

For some students, these types of natural disasters are sadly familiar in other places of the world they have lived.

“One student lived in Southeast Asia and told me it floods every summer and hundreds of people die in Thailand,” said Mrs. Amy Gillespie, ESOL teacher.

Moving outside of the classroom to continue learning has made a big impact in our community, and the lives of those affected by the recent hurricanes.

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