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Routine blood donations save lives

November 13, 2017

When national tragedy strikes, helplessness infects the American population like a disease. How can any one person make a significant difference in helping those affected? What can they do to help prevent more deaths in the future?

Little do many know, there is a simple answer. Donate blood, and donate routinely.

News of the most recent mass shooting in Las Vegas spurred long lines at nearby blood banks, many of which could not use all of the extra blood produced in reaction to the crisis.

In fact, most blood utilized after this tragedy was what hospitals had in storage, brought in fresh every day by regular blood donors. Remarkably, those who gave blood regularly were the ones who really saved lives.

As always, blood donations are vital for those with chronic diseases as well as those surprised by sudden injury. While donating in reaction to an incident is admirable, it is more essential to donate routinely.

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