Hernandez Baquero prepares for future

March 22, 2018

Each one of us has a passion, whether we have discovered it or not. Four years ago, junior Jeicy Hernandez Baquero happened to stumble upon hers.

When she was in the eighth grade, Hernandez Baquero turned to makeup to try to feel better about past experiences.

From there, the thing that comforted her turned into her passion. Nearly every day, Hernandez Baquero practices her makeup skills and tries to incorporate a new skill every day.

Some of her favorite product lines include Anastasia Beverly Hill, Tarte, and Morphe. Most of her inspirations have been found online, such as Jeffree Starr, Gabriel Zamora and James Charles.

Looking towards her future, Hernandez Baquero intends to extend her passion into her career by applying to the Paul Mitchell Vocational School program and later going into event, wedding, and/or magazine hair and makeup.

The program she plans on attending takes about ten to 14 months to complete.

While going to Paul Mitchell, she plans to live at home and work a side job.

Until then, Hernandez Baquero is constantly looking for new ways to develop her skills and practice different techniques.

“I am thinking about starting a YouTube channel and blogging targeted towards young people who cannot afford all of the expensive brands. The products will be good but also affordable,” Hernandez Baquero said.

Nearly two years ago, Hernandez Baquero did a photo shoot as part of her quinceañera. She enjoyed the experience and had her hair and makeup done professionally for the shoot.

This gave her a peek into her future at the career she is interested in.

Without the support of her family, Hernandez Baquero’s vision and plan for the future would not be fathomable.

“My mom has always [supported] everything I do; she was the one who taught me to do what you want to do as a career because she says a job you love does not feel like a job,” Hernandez Baquero said.

Further, her aunt has always supported the vision she has for her future.

“My aunt loves the idea of me doing something [in] beauty; I am her only niece and she loves seeing me put myself out there and go to high places,” Hernandez Baquero said.

Hernandez Baquero has a planned out future ahead of her, leading to a career that will make her feel like she never worked a day in her life.

STRIKE A POSE. Junior Jeicy Hernanadez Baquero poses for her quinceañera photo shoot. A quinceañera is a celebration of a Hispanic woman’s 15th birthday. Hernandez Baquero did a photo shoot in Florida.
PRACTICE. A photo shoot gives Hernandez Baquero a peek into a potential future career. She hopes to learn more about hair and makeup at the Paul Mitchell Vocational School after graduation. From there, she hopes to launch her career.




















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