Students, faculty ponder start time

May 7, 2018

Many students have opinions about changing the start time of school. Some students have late arrival and can understand the difference between waking up at the different times.

We sat down with Principal Doug Mader and talked to him about the start time. We asked him if he has given thought to this new change.

“Yes, we have. Our counseling office always [has] three interns working with us… One of the issues in our school is mental health, [and] sleep is directly affected by student mental health. We asked the interns to get some data on sleep,” Mader said.

Fixing the time we start school seems like it would be an easy change, but there are some things that would have to be changed like buses.

“[The] easiest way is just buy more buses. If money wasn’t an object, we would have it tomorrow,” Mader said.

Several other local schools have been looking at a similar change.

So far, there are no set plans to officially change the start time, but there has been some talk, and we may see this change in the near future.

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