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Trying out trendy Tik Tok recipes so you don't have to

December 5, 2021

Whipped coffee  

   I was the most excited for this one because the aesthetic was completely my vibe, but I think there were some technical issues.

First of all, this is a relatively time-insensitive process, and making coffee is expected to be a quick and efficient process, so you would be hard-pressed to fit this into your morning schedule. Secondly, the whipped part does not mix well with whatever milk is used as the base and does not really do so properly until the ice in the mug has melted. Finally, it can be difficult to adjust the flavor balance to an individual’s preference. If the whip itself was not to your preference there is nothing that can be done, as it was difficult to mix in other ingredients after the coffee had been whipped.

TLDR: Room for improvement; it could be on the Starbucks menu     


Macaroon Cereal 

   This recipe was by far the best, although it is really more of a food combination than a recipe. This is definitely not a quick or easy way to make cereal, because macaroons take a lot of time to make and are often said to be one of the most difficult cookies to make. The original TikTok did not include a recipe so I used one that I have used many times before and they turned out pretty good, but making the macaroons so small made them more difficult to work with. However, a bunch of tiny macaroons in a little bowl was weirdly aesthetically pleasing and definitely Instagram-worthy.  

TLDR: Impracticality is my aesthetic  


Feta Pasta 

   Ending on a high note is the most iconic food of TikTok: tomato and feta pasta. There are very mixed opinions and several variations, but I really liked the version I tried. My main issue is that the cheese and red pepper flakes were a little overpowering and overpowered the other flavors. This was a pretty easy dish to make and only takes about 45 minutes to prepare, including baking time, making it a good option for a weeknight dinner. There is also a lot of room to change the seasoning to a more personal preference by adjusting the spices, the amount in the dish, the vegetables, even the cheese. The recipe only used a pot and a pan so cleaning up the kitchen afterward is not time-consuming.      

TLDR: Adding it to the list of the four things I can cook 


Ice cream bread   

   This project did not exactly start off on a good note after trying this recipe. I was skeptical from the beginning, I mean this is literally just ice cream and flour, but I was not ready for this. The flavors were so poorly distributed that some bites tasted like a singular, completely overpowering flavor, while other bites had no flavor whatsoever. And while flavor is important to any internet viral recipe, what matters even more is presentation. 

   This is the ugliest food item I have made in my life. Even worse—it looks just like it did on TikTok, so that is how this monstrosity is supposed to look. I feel like I have disgraced the sanctity of ice cream by making this and someone should have stopped me. 

TLDR: TikTok what did ice cream ever do to you? 


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