Phone hacking bites Apple


MCT Photo

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the many actresses with leaked photos. Most of the images originated on /4chan, a site famous for creating viral content. The anonymous user aspect makes it difficult to track down perpetrators.

In late August, news broke out that hackers had infiltrated the personal space (specifically the phones) of celebrities such as Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst, and Jennifer Lawrence. The celebrities had taken nude pictures on their phones and the hackers had taken those pictures and posted them online.

While the celebrities themselves were obviously the most impacted, the question goes on to the company who made those phones: Apple. According to CNN, Dunst was not happy with the phone company saying, “Thanks iCloud,” with some graphic emojis showing her displeasure.

This is not a new thing. Celebrity hacking started in 2005, when hackers broke into Paris Hilton’s phone by guessing her security question, to which the answer was Tinkerbell, the name of her pet chihuahua.

The actresses, however, have been desperately trying preserve their reputations. Victoria Justice tried to make people believe that the photos of her were fake, just unbelievably well photoshopped.

Apple has been under heat for an app that most of us with iPhones use today: Find My iPhone. The popular app, which Apple recommends you turn on when you get your iPhone, is supposed to enable you to find your iPhone using a map function that shows you where it is.

“I liked that app. I thought that if I ever lost my phone, I would be able to find it.What happens if my phone gets hacked?” sophomore Kaleb Riesenberg said.

After the release of the new iPhone 6 features on Sept. 9, people must now hope that Apple can fix the iCloud dilemma.