Make new friends while doing what you love


The Japanese Club opens its first meeting with a discussion between board members senior Daria Beniash and senior William Hobart. The club meets in Mr. Wesley Tootle‘s room every Monday after school to participate in Japanese culture-themed activities. Clubs cover a variety of topics, including cultures, the arts, athletics and more.

In high school, sometimes it can be hard to make friends or fit in, especially if you are new. Although the first few weeks may be hard, it is easy to find a group of people who share common interests by joining clubs or playing sports.

“I like being involved with clubs at school because it’s a great way to meet new people and make friends,” junior Sophia Weidmann said.

A good way to get involved in school and to gain school spirit is by joining clubs or teams. Not only are you doing something you are interested in, but you may also be making great friends along the way.

There are over 55 clubs and sports that anyone can join at school. Among those include Ski Club, Art Club, and Unified for Uganda. Many clubs do not require you to pay, and also they are geared toward students and their interests.

When you join clubs, make sure to speak up and be yourself.  Joining a club makes it easier for you to find people who share similar interests with you, and your connection due to similarities makes it easier to make friends.

Also, if you enjoy playing sports, there are lots of options, including basketball, soccer and golf.  “Sports are fun ways to forget about school and do something you love,” sophomore Abigail Hallock said.

Once you join a group it is easy to make friends. People with similar morals and interests will become more apparent to you. Even people with a similar sense of style may be good people to talk to.

If you feel like it is hard for you to get involved at school, try doing extracurricular activities outside of school such as a recreational soccer team or volunteering at a local shelter. People from school may be involved in them too.

“There are so many different clubs. Everyone can find something they like, and should get involved,” sophomore Allie Kolthoff said.

Getting involved creates friendships and also helps you to find people who have similar beliefs and goals as you. Although you may be different from others, there is always a place where people enjoy the same things you do. Get involved to make your high school experience great.