Smart ways to choose your smartphone


Kathryn Tenbarge

The average student has to make a big choice when it comes to buying a smartphone. Whether you go for Apple, Samsung, LG or some other competitor, your phone should equip you with the tools necessary to succeed. This can include social media, useful apps and even ways to stay on top of your homework.

Taylor Close

With all of the hype about the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and smartphones becoming more popular in schools all around the country including our own, it may be overwhelming trying to choose the best pick for you.

One important thing to remember when choosing the right smartphone is the battery life of the phone. If you plan on using the phone during school then it is best not to need an outlet by fifth bell.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the amount of storage on the phone. The more storage you have, the more apps and media you can keep on your phone, which would be good if you want to use your phone to keep track of your school work.

A couple of examples of leading smartphone competitors are Apple, Samsung and LG. Some of the newer models from each are rated as the best smartphones on Find the Best, and you may want to look into these for your ‘next big thing.’

Apple: The iPhone 6 features include:

  • Better battery life of 11 hours
  • Up to 128 GB
  • 8 megapixels
  • 4.7’’ diagonal screen
  • $700

Samsung: The Samsung Galaxy Note features include:

  • Battery life of 21 hours straight
  • 32 GB internal storage and up to 64 GB removable storage
  • 13 megapixels
  • 7’’
  • $524

LG:  The LG G3 features include:

  • Battery life of 19 hours straight
  • 32 GB internal storage and up to 128 GB removable storage
  • 13 megapixels
  • 5.5”
  • $580

“I like the iPhone 5s the best because I think the apps and fingerprint scanner are really helpful,” freshman Kate Willis said.

The differences between Androids and smartphones are few. The main difference is that the Android is a type of operating system from Google instead of Apple IOS or Windows.

“The iPhone is the best in usability, security, number and quality of apps and recognizability. Androids and other smartphones have far more variations and settings, but they can occasionally get a virus if you download a bad app,” freshman Shane DiGiovanna said.

As more technology is being introduced into our schools and our society in general, some people are very excited to see what the future will hold and how technology will continue to evolve.

“It is fabulous. It is making society better in so many ways. We are living in the digital revolution” DiGiovanna said.