Rice faces NFL charges after domestic abuse caught on tape


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Ray Rice and his now wife Janay Palmer hold a press conference. Controversy over this case stems from the pair but also from the NFL itself. Other documented abuse cases in the past have been handled poorly as well.

Hannah Clark

Ray Rice, former football player for the Baltimore Ravens, was cut Monday, Sept. 8, after a release of a video in which Rice had been abusing his fiancée, Janay Palmer.

The video had been from a casino he and his fiancé had been attending. It seemed that Rice was drunk, and when Palmer and he got into a scuffle in the elevator, he punched Palmer, knocking her unconscious.

The video was released to the press, and soon premiered all over the internet, talk shows and the news. A long conference was held, deciding Rice’s punishment for domestic violence. Originally, it was suspension from two games.

After a private conference with the National Football League (NFL), the Ravens decided that Rice would be released from the Ravens and suspended from the NFL indefinitely.

According to the “International Business Times,” Palmer posted on her private Instagram; “THIS IS OUR LIFE! What don’t you all get. If your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all happiness away, you’ve succeeded on so many levels…”

She defended her husband, saying that, “No one knows the pain that media & unwanted [opinions] from the public has caused my family. To make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing.”