Early season mistakes result in 2-2 record


McDaniel's Photography

The football team playing during the Ryle game. The Ave Cave in the background is wearing white for the game.

The Varsity Football Team is currently two and two in all conference plays and zero and one in conference play. They have six games left in the season with two of the games away. The two games they lost were both to away teams. At home, the football team dominates with a record of four and one that tops the past two years.

“Despite being 2-2 I think we can still win games and improve our record. There is a lot of football left to play,” junior Ben Sechre said.

Compared to last year they are having an unexpected start. They were four and zero through the first four games and this year they are two and two. That type of record will not get them anywhere close to state. It could get them into the playoffs but not to the state championships and that is what the team wants.

“Going and winning state would be one of the greatest things. Getting to state is the first problem, we wouldn’t even make it far in the playoffs,” junior Jovon Cobbs said.

The rest of the schedule has four home games and two away games.

  1. Home vs. Oak Hills Sat. Sept. 27
  2. Away at Middletown Fri. Oct. 3
  3. Home vs. Lakota West (homecoming game) Fri. Oct. 11
  4. Away at Hamilton Fri. Oct. 17
  5. Home vs Colerain Fri. Oct. 24
  6. Home vs. Mason Fri. Oct. 31

The rest of the schedule is all inter-conference games. These are the games that really count when it comes to the football team going to the GMC championship and actually winning it.

“I feel very confident that we can go and win the trophy. We just have to get down to work and start winning games,” senior Brian Jenkins said.