Orchestra anxiously awaits Disney Trip


Rujula Kapoor

The orchestra is also on its way to preparing for the senior spotlight concert which was at the high school. This photo shows the orchestra at its spring concert last year. Since then the orchestra has started to practice music for Disney World.

When asking an orchestra student what their best memory is, often the first idea that pops into their mind is the high school orchestra trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The trip will run from Nov. 11 to Nov. 15 and will consist of an 18 hour bus ride to and from Florida. The bus will stop twice and drive through the night. The bus will leave on Fri. right after school.

When they finally reach Disney World the first day will be set up to be a full day of rides and touring the parks.

“I’m really excited for the trip. It’s a big reason I stayed in orchestra for so many years,” sophomore Maddie Sykes said.

Another memorable experience is the Disney music workshop that happens on Nov. 23 when students are given a sample of what it’s like to be a professional musician.

“The music aspect is something that really appeals to me. It is cool to be a professional musician for the day,” said Sykes.

To get ready for Disney, the orchestra has also taken the liberty to learn pieces of music from the movies of the Disney soundtrack.

Some of the pieces are:

  • “Aladdin Melody”
  • “Pirates of Caribbean”
  • “Frozen Melody”

“I really like playing Disney pieces because I have actually heard of these songs which isn’t something that happens most times in orchestra,” said Sykes.

The trip also has the orchestra play at a stage in the park. Once the performance is over, it is time for the orchestra to return home.