Competition within Girls JV Volleyball shows on court


McDaniel's Photography

The team is discussing the game during Volley for the Cure on Thurs. Sept. 11. The team went through staff changes over the summer but have a 9-6 record. They compete with each other and try to beat their teammates but come together as one for games.

Lauren Kurtzer, Feature Chief

As conditioning and training started in the summer, Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball was informed of a sudden coaching change from Coach Stanley Kaniecki to SJHS teacher Ms. Kylee Tarantino.

“A lot of people were nervous about how the season would turn out [after the coaching change]” freshman Lexi Grannen said. Grannen is the only freshman on the team.

“That is a difficult adjustment for all the returning players,” the only junior Alexis Hagenmaier said. “This year has gone really well. Our chemistry as a team has brought us together to have a winning record.”

Despite their staffing change they persevered through it and now have a 9-6 record.  Players are thanking it to their competitiveness in practice that shows on the court. Their practices are two hours, five days a week.

“We are really competitive [in practice] and always want to beat each other in practice but when we play other teams we work together and beat them,” sophomore Abby Hallock said.

The team is in week eight out of nine heading into the Greater Miami Conference tournament. They will play the Colerian Cardinals on Tues, Sept. 30 and the Lakota East Thunderhawks at home on Thurs. Oct. 2.

“Our team is working really well together and we’ve made so much progress. I think that our team connects really well together and I love all the girls I play with,” Grannen said.