Ginsberg makes career out of wearing a nametag


Scott Ginsberg

Ginsberg’s nametags have made him internet famous. His books capitalize off of his passion, which he says is a result of hard work and opportunity. Ginsberg also enjoys making music and writing whenever he can.

Nametags are a common method of getting to know other people. Scott Ginsberg, who has been wearing a nametag at all times for the past 15 years, branded his own company and himself.

“Instead of going to the career fair, I just hired myself and got to work,” Ginsberg said. Throughout his experiences with constantly wearing a nametag and even getting a tattoo of it on his chest, Scott has dealt with individuals who disagree with his view of wearing his nametags.

In the picture above, one of his nametags is crumpled up, which many people have done before. Lucky for both the individual and Scott, he carries around two extras in his wallet in case this situation arrives.