Flyerettes connect everywhere


Brittany Grecco

Every year, the Flyerettes team participates in dance camp at Miami University at Oxford. In this picture, the team is practicing drill downs, a series of military-esque movements that build concentration and discipline. These skills are applicable to a variety of situations, including dancing.

Riley Kurtz

The Flyerettes have spent the last few weeks perfecting their balance, basic movement and most importantly, bonding. Nearly all the girls on the team are new and the four returning members have worked with them to plan sleepovers, car washes, and dinners.

“My favorite part about the team is how close we’ve become and how well we can bond,” sophomore Hannah Young said.

All of the returning Flyerettes have said that this team has bonded more than any team in previous years.

“This is my third year on the team and it’s been the most productive and this is the most tight knit group of girls I’ve worked with. This has so far been my favorite season of Flyerettes,” junior Calista Robbins said.

In the past there have been team dinners before performances, but this year the girls spent extra time together on the weekends and before practices, arriving up to 15 minutes early to hang out.

“My favorite part of team is that even when we are working hard, we are still having fun. We are like a family and it is amazing being with these inspiring girls,” sophomore Atena Baghbanian said.

Their time spent off the dance floor lets them work together at practice during routines that require intense teamwork.

“I love how we can joke and have fun. Someone is always smiling or making someone else laugh. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know so many new people and couldn’t be more grateful for how kind and welcoming everyone is,” sophomore Maliha Mastoi said.

Despite being different ages and coming from different backgrounds, every Flyerette finds something in common with each other: their mutual love of dance.

“My favorite part of our team is probably getting to know people I thought I never would. We’re coming from a society where everyone judges us and bonding as a team pretty much breaks all those stereotypes down,” sophomore Jordan Hoffman said.