‘Dirty Dancing’ mamboes into Cincinnati


Emily Tyler

Throughout the theater, there were two or three stations where fans could share their favorite memories involving the show or soundtrack. Many of them included the most popular song from Dirty Dancing, “Time of my Life.” It was a great way for fans to build a sentimental connection and get excited before the show even started.

Forbidden love has been an element of stories since medieval times, but forbidden love took a very musical and 60s turn when classic American drama film “Dirty Dancing” was released in 1987.

In 2004, the movie was adapted into “Dirty Dancing: the Classic Story on Stage.” It toured around Europe until it came to Broadway in 2006. Currently, the show is showing at the Aronoff Center.

The last showing will be Oct. 8 at 6 p.m. and seats are very limited. The production has had many sell-out shows, especially on the weekend.

As the title may suggest, dancing is a prominent part of the show, even though at times it is suggestive.

“I really loved the dancing. They make it look so easy when it really isn’t,” junior Gwen Constand said.

Because of the sometimes inappropriate dancing, thematic elements including abortion and language, the show would be best understood and appreciated by teenagers.

“I think people can relate to the show, despite the time period, because there are many things that are still present in today’s society such as love knows no age,” sophomore Olivia Shuholm said. “Another message this musical conveys is following your dream. The songs, which are catchy, as well as the dancing keep people coming back.”