Bengals still strong with Devon Still


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The Cincinnati Bengals have a critical part of their schedule coming up with matchups against the New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers. The team is three and zero. They are looking to make the playoffs for the fourth consecutive season.

Zachary Fritzhand

Nowadays, all the stories people hear coming from the National Football League (NFL) are negative, such as the recent domestic violence cases with star players Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.

“It’s such a disappointment to see this, I know so many people who look up to professional football players,” senior Adam Dock said.

Considering the many scandals that have rocked the league over the last three weeks, any good story will surely be a nice change of pace.

The Cincinnati Bengals have given us this with the news that Devon Still’s daughter, Leah Still, underwent a six hour procedure to remove a body tumor.

“I have been following this story since she was diagnosed, I am so happy to see that she is slowly but surely getting healthier,” sophomore Josh Rosen said.

Still is not cancer-free just yet; her bone marrow was attacked by her stage four cancer called neuroblastoma.  She still has a round of chemotherapy, radiation, and stem-cell treatments to go through.

She was diagnosed on June 2 and was given just a 50-50 chance of surviving. Nearly three weeks since beginning a fundraiser to pediatric cancer research, the Cincinnati Bengals announced on Sept. 28 that they have sold 10,000 Devon Still Jerseys and had approached $1 million raised.

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton is among those who have purchased Still’s jersey, buying 100 of them with his own money and donating the physical jerseys to Cincinnati Children’s hospital and Boys and Girls Clubs around southwest Ohio.

“It is so great to witness what Sean Payton did, I wish we had more people in the world like him,” senior Elliot Levy said.

The Bengals are three and zero this season. They have a critical matchup Oct. 5 against the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football