Winter break excitement begins

Emily Chien

Buzz has already begun to fill the halls about another break.

“I couldn’t be more excited for another break,” freshman Keren Idelman said. “I’ve got to catch up on my sleep.”

In addition, students already miss the freedom of no school.

“Ever since summer, I’ve just been waiting for the holidays to come around,” Idelman said. “School seems nonstop these days and can get pretty stressful.”

Winter break begins Dec. 20 and comes to a close Jan. 4. That is less than three months away.

“It’s far away, but you can just feel the anticipation in the air,” said Idelman. “Everyone I know is already pumped.”

Every weekend, students get excited for two days of relaxation.

“Weekends are great, but they don’t seem to last long enough,” said Idelman. “I can’t wait for enough time to truly decompress.”

Holidays, such as Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, oftentimes take place during the time away from school.

However, exams are held right after the break.

“I believe that winter break should be for friends, family, travel and holidays, and definitely not for homework,” said Idelman.