iPhone 6 has ‘the bends’


Luke Tenbarge

These new iPhones have not been living up to the hype. Hundreds of people have reported that their phones have been bending while in people’s pockets. Apple has not shown any signs of ending sales of the phones or apologizing for the damages.

People have been rushing to buy the new iPhone 6 because of its sleek, thin look and its advanced features.

However, these new Apple customers are getting one feature that they did not pay for. There have been multiple reports including many pictures on Twitter that the new iPhones have been bending while they are in people’s pockets. The pictures have been trending with the hashtag ‘#BendGate.’

Apple claims that there have been only nine cases of their phones bending, but there have been thousands of these pictures appearing all over the internet.

“Apple really needs to clean up their act, I don’t want to buy an iPhone if it’s going to bend,” senior Cole Schaefer said.

Although Apple will probably not suffer from this incident it does hurt their reputation as a high quality product. Apple’s competitors have been using this problem to their advantage. Samsung has released a new wave of ads for their new phone the Galaxy Note 4.   “I would rather buy a Samsung phone because they will not bend when I put them in my pocket,” freshman Victor Lim said.

These occurrences have not stopped people from buying the new phones. Many Apple customers have just accepted the problem and stored their phones in places other than in their pockets.

“This is probably the best thing that has ever happened for cargo shorts,” sophomore Richard Nardi said.