Opportunities wait for aspiring school gymnasts


Maureen Gearin

Senior Molly Gearin competes on the beam at a meet last year. Beam is her favorite event. Gearin is looking for interested students to join the team.

The gymnastics team is recruiting new members for the winter season and the upcoming years. Senior Molly Gearin was the solo gymnast at SHS last year and, as a senior, wants to see the program continue.

“I would love to see the SHS team continue to exist. It’s not every day that sports teams go away because of a lack of participation. I think it’s really important to keep it going. It’s a unique sport,” Gearin said.

Her freshman year, she competed with two seniors, Sara Wesselkamper and Lisa Kohmescher. Since then, she has been the only member on the team. Every day in season for the past three years she has traveled to Cincinnati Country Day for practice.

With limited numbers, Gearin must compete as an individual, not as a team. However, she would like to see this change.

“The ultimate goal is to put together a team. It can be hard because few girls have done competitive gymnastics in the past,” Gearin said.

Gymnastics at the school level is less intense than at the club level. Girls at the club level spend almost four hours at practice every day. Even if you have quit club gymnastics, it is still possible to join the team.

“My coach is looking for anyone with some previous gymnastics experience, most importantly underclassmen who can continue the program in the years to come. You don’t need to be a current gymnast to join,” Gearin said.

For more information, contact Gearin at molly.gearin96@gmail.com.