Students work to achieve healthy breakfast


Rujula Kapoor

Cereal is often a go-to breakfast . This bowl of Cheerios is considered fairly healthy. However, in many cereals, sugar is the main ingredient.

Rujula Kapoor

Breakfast is the healthiest meal of the day. It also the most skipped meal. 35 percent of teens actually admit to eating breakfast.

“I try to eat breakfast but if I wake up late it is unrealistic for me to eat a good breakfast. It is just not a priority,” sophomore Akshara Kapoor said.

What most people do not realize is that good-tasting breakfasts are relatively easy to make.  It is interesting how many out of the box options are also healthy.

Here are some of the healthiest breakfast options:

  • Low fat yogurt with fresh fruit

  • Whole wheat cereal and low fat milk

  • Low fat milk and natural granola bars

  • Fruit smoothie made with natural ingredients

All of the options above can be made ahead of time then eaten on that actual day as quick meals.   These meals also have less than 400 calories and are filling. Breakfast doesn’t have to be exceptionally difficult.

“ I eat breakfast every day but it is usually just a cup of milk,” sophomore Priya Malla said

Staying full is an important part of being focused throughout the morning a time when the  brain is already tired.