Sleep deprivation deprives students of good grades


Nathan Zhang

Students fall asleep all the time in class due to sleep deprivation. Studies have shown that approximately 45 percent of the world is not getting enough sleep. There is a likely inverse relationship between lack of Z’s and As and Bs.

Nathan Zhang, Staff Writer

With the myriad of extra-curricular activities offered to students, they take them and compile many sports, clubs, and classes. For these students, time management is extremely important.

“Time management is really important for me because I have a lot of extra-curricular activities,” freshman Rishi Dasgupta said.

Dasgupta is one of the many students that need to manage their time wisely. He plays off season tennis, and takes all accelerated classes.

“Although it’s extremely important to finish homework, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do so,” Dasgupta said.

Students of all different schools leave to play a sport or stay after for a club after hours. Some even arrive at home at seven or eight to start their homework.

“Some days I get home as late as 9 p.m. and get to bed at around 12,” Dasgupta said.

If students are not efficient, there are consequences. First of all, they could easily get sleep deprivation from staying up late each night to finish homework.

They could also just as easily get bad grades for not finishing an assignment or doing badly on a test because of sleep deprivation.

According to, about 45 percent of the world is not getting enough sleep. Effects range from memory loss to an inability to concentrate to poor decision making.

According to The American Psychological Association, 3,000 high school students took surveys asking the amount they slept on average each day and the grades they received in classes.

Students who reported that they were getting C’s, D’s and F’s in school obtained about 25 minutes less sleep and went to bed about 40 minutes later than students who reported they were getting A’s and B’s.

25 more minutes of sleep and managing time wisely can result in getting better grades.