Service project leaders attend Mayerson workshop


Talia Bailes

A member of Unified for Uganda, senior Talia Bailes, visited Uganda over the summer. Bailes was selected to attend the Mayerson workshop to represent the club with senior Jennifer Adamec. Garden Club and engineering representatives were also in attendance.

Lila Englander

Ten students participated in a full day service-learning conference at the University of Cincinnati on Sept. 24. The Mayerson Student Service Leadership Workshop consisted of three breakout sessions, separate discussion groups and a volunteer fair with 40 nonprofits.

“I thought it was really interesting and a great way to get involved with other nonprofit organizations in the area. It was also great to see all the new people interested in being a part of Unified for Uganda,” said senior Jennifer Adamec.

The breakout session presentations addressed issues ranging from human trafficking to homelessness to environmental initiatives. The sessions covered over 35 topics each led by field experts. Students split themselves between sessions and were given free range to choose which sessions to attend.

“The breakout sessions gave us some very specific, constructive ideas for advancing our garden project while also presenting ideas on broader world problems. It was pretty empowering, actually. Along with the problems themselves the presenters talked about concrete ways we could help solve them,” said senior Katie Steinberg.

Almost 700 students from 72 schools will participate in the workshop. The SHS delegation included representatives from the engineering and architecture programs, Unified for Uganda and Garden Club.

“Overall it was a great way to connect with people with different passions,” said Adamec.

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