Ebola patient enters America


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The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. Thomas Duncan, the first confirmed case of Ebola in America, went here for medical help upon showing symptoms. He is now deceased from the effects of the disease.

Diseases often spread through Africa while those in other countries watch on with a somewhat of a sense of disinterest. At least, until someone infected comes into their country.

Thomas E. Duncan returned to Dallas, Texas from Liberia without realizing he was infected with Ebola. Upon arriving, he was quarantined and is now deceased after days of experimental testing and being held in isolation.

A person infected with Ebola entering the U.S. has begun a national fear of the disease. However, this fear may be unwarranted.

“We shouldn’t be over-concerned about Ebola spreading, or at least becoming an epidemic,” sophomore Sara Lu said.

This is mainly due to the fact Ebola is not an airborne disease. It spreads through direct contact with bodily fluids from an infected patient, such as blood. In America, at least, it is fairly easy to isolate a patient who has been diagnosed to prevent spread of the disease.

“I think it’s really unlikely it will spread,” sophomore Sadye Goodman said.

The government is taking action to stop the spread of the disease by trying to treat and isolate patients and watch those who have come into contact with them. Also, it is looking into appointing an ‘Ebola czar’ to monitor the disease in America.

“It’s not easy to spread [Ebola]. We shouldn’t really be worried,” Lu said.

This article details the spread of Ebola and signs of it further.