BYOD helps enhance learning


Emily Chien

Freshmen use their devices at school on a daily basis. She says it helps her expand on knowledge. It also creates a more interesting environment for the students.

Emily Chien

Aviator Launch lets students bring and use personally owned technology throughout the day.

“It’s an extremely useful and innovative way to give students the internet access needed for their schoolwork,” freshman Kiri Wang said. “I think it’s an amazing contribution to our learning environment.”

Aviator Launch (Bring Your Own Device) is meant to provide student access to technology for learning and give stimulating academic opportunities.

“This is really quite a step up from the past systems. We used to lug those huge computer carts room to room for any internet access at all.  I remember waiting for computers to load for ages.” said Wang.

Although definitely an improvement, not all students are bringing devices on a daily basis.

“I personally don’t bring a device, but I would. I own a computer at my home, but my parents are hesitant to let me take it to school because they are afraid I might damage it.” said Wang.

This hesitance of parents has slowed plans in advances, which was to eventually get all students bringing devices.

“Even though I don’t use BYOD, I think incorporating technology helps give us more ways to get and give assignments and tests, and communicate with each other. After all, it’s the twenty-first century,” said Wang.

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