Four years of flags for senior Annie Schoen


Senior Annie Schoen at Band Night rehearsal. She has been doing color guard for four years and has dedicated much of her time to it. She wishes that others would also give it a shot. Photo courtesy of Natalie Brinkman.

Despite the time, effort and energy color guard requires, senior Annie Schoen had dedicated all four years of her high school career to color guard.

“Like any sport, color guard is a physical activity that involves dance, but also incorporates props that makes it more fun to perform” senior Schoen said.

She started color guard because she was not good at sports, so it was a good alternative. Many people might have that problem too, and who knows, color guard might be just right for you.

“It teaches confidence and teamwork because the people rely on you to know what you are supposed to be doing,”  Schoen said.

Everybody, no matter their year or skill level can gain from the lessons that they take away from any sport and color guard is no exception.

“The best part is when you are on the field preforming and you hear the full band behind you playing in time with the flag work you are doing,” Schoen said.

If more people join color guard it would improve the band’s overall visual effect. With only fourteen guards more people could enhance the show.

“You never know whether you like something unless you try it. I liked it so much, I have done it all through high school and other people might discover they like it too,” Schoen said.


Natalie Brinkman