Flyerettes perform with renewed energy at pep rally


McDaniel's Photography

The Flyerettes, SHS’ dance team performing at the Homecoming pep rally on Oct. 10. They danced to a routine that they have been practicing since Aug.. They also used the dance at the Variety Show on Sept. 26.

Lauren Kurtzer

One of new principal Mr. Doug Mader’s goals for SHS was to increase school spirit. The first pep rally of the year on Oct. 10 was a major test and one of the performers— the Flyerettes Varsity Dance Team— saw a difference.

“The energy at the pep rally was definitely better than in past pep rallies,” sophomore Flyerette Jordan Hoffman said.

Trying to increase school spirit, class competitions were brought back, including a contest where the class of 2015 won.  There was also:

  • A dodgeball game of teachers versus students

  • Sycamore alumni appearances

  • Karen Bare and Officer Paul Payne kissing a pig

  • Story time with Coach Scott Dattilo and the Varsity football team

“The pep rallies haven’t been that active and energetic in a long time. It was enjoyable and definitely helps performance-wise when the audience is radiating energy,” junior and three-year member of the Flyerettes Calista Robbins said.

While the greater spirit gave more energy to the dance team, during a pep rally being seen from all angles brings an added edge to their performance.

“We had to consider having an audience not only from the front but from all four sides. So we had to be precise and make sure we were confident with the performance since we had eyes all around us,” Flyerettes coach Ms. Brittany Grecco said.

Their first performance was at the Variety Show on Sept. 26. They only had to worry about the audience in front.  They also had an increase in audience number.

“It was scary to perform in front of  all of our friends and classmates, but it was a really interesting experience,” sophomore and first year team member Maliha Mastoi said.