ACE bells: beneficial or waste of time?


Emily Chien

“I’m typically a pretty good student,” said Wang, “so my teachers and guidance counselors are important to me. I know I can count on them to give me advice and learning help, I just don’t know what my ACE teacher could do for me.” Wang opens her locker before the school day begins.

Emily Chien

ACE meetings are scheduled for every other Wednesday all year. They are meant to inform students of vital information, create student-teacher relationships and aid them through their academic careers.

“In the long run, it seems useful,” said freshman, Kiri Wang, “but for me, it hasn’t built any real relationships or given me any information that I didn’t already know about.”

Additionally, the bell has been implemented to make sure that there is an adult that students can come to for advice or assistance during their years here.

“Honestly, if I have problems, I’ll want to go to my parents or a counselor for assistance,” said Wang, “not an ACE teacher. Maybe I just don’t know or trust the teacher or people in the bell well enough yet.”

Whether or not the system is ultimately successful is yet to be determined. This is because of the limited amount of time it’s been in use.

“ACE bells are a good idea,” said Wang, “but they are only ever so often. Not often enough to really make connections and learn like a daily class schedule.”

Despite any views against the matter, this year will go as planned with ACE bells warping schedules every other Wednesday.

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