New Tesla car proves innovation in every way


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The new Tesla car can accelerate with the power of a high end sports car and only uses electricity. With new features such as an autopilot, the car is the most innovative on the market. The fancy gadgets all come with a price tag that maxes out at about $140,000.

Luke Tenbarge

Earlier this week, Tesla Motors released their new electric luxury sedan. It is the second version of the Model S. This new model was incredibly innovative and introduced several new features which may greatly increase interest in the electric car industry.

“I think that the new Tesla car looks super cool. It’s got awesome new features that I think will really change the way that we see electric cars,” freshman John Dean Folz said.

One of these incredible new features is the auto pilot mode. The new car has twelve forward-facing sensors that can see road signs, switch lanes, and even see small objects such as children and dogs.

“The [Tesla] looks super slick and I think it’s awesome that it can accelerate so quickly and go so fast,” sophomore  Kevin Berghoff said.

One of the most important changes that the Tesla car has is a dual motor. This allows all-wheel drive which increases both the range of the car and the maximum speed and acceleration. The new car can go from 0-60 m.p.h. in 3.2 seconds with a top speed of 155 m.p.h.

“I think that the Tesla looks awesome but it’s so expensive and can only go 275 miles before needing to recharge. If they can get it into a reasonable price range and get it to go farther it would be a much more popular car,” senior Mark Hancher said.

The new Tesla has a huge price tag and the savings on gas do not really account for it. For now it  seems that the only customers for Tesla will be a minority of wealthy people.